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A delicious start to the day at L’Aviation

Lovers of fine food, be they young or old, will enjoy the buffet breakfast available every morning. On the menu are high-quality and select regional products, including: pastries freshly made that morning by the pâtissier, traditional breads and baguettes, artisan jam, mountain honey, cereal, dried fruit, award-winning yoghurt, fromage blanc, eggs, Saint Nectaire cheese with its delicate nutty flavour, Cantal entre-deux AOP cheese, country ham, saucisson, fruit juice, and hot drinks.

We can also prepare a picnic basket for you made of varied produce upon request the night before.

A spot of relaxation

Welcome to our bar

Reserved for hotel guests, the bar at L’Aviation welcomes you until 8 pm for a pure moment of relaxation and indulgence. Comfortably sat in one of our armchairs or at the bar, you can sample local artisan beers and typical aperitifs from the Auvergne region.

If you are a bit hungry, have no fear! Discover the Assiette Auvergnate platter for an aperitif, or enjoy something new for your break!

Our partners

Restaurants and suppliers

Restaurant partners
Located 200 m from the town centre, the hotel can provide you with half-board packages suited to your stay via a network of restaurant partners. Please consult with us to find the most suitable package for your stay.

Supplier partners
We make the effort to collaborate with key players in local gastronomy to offer you an even more delectable experience. Enjoy products including Délices de Fanette artisan jams, baked goods and pastries from Chez Nous les Gosses, and yoghurts made at Gaec Besson’s farm.

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